Horticulture and Plant Care 101: Useful Tips for Newbies & Professionals

So, you want to get into horticulture and don’t know how to start. Don’t worry – our team of specialist florists will help you become a great horticulturist in no time! From the kind of tools and gadgets you need to buy, formula and feed you have to stock up on, the best flowers and plants to get for your beginner garden, and ideas from the specialists on cultivating your lawn from a nasty weed-filled back garden to a stunning and textured combination of the freshest and most lovely blooms.

But how do you get started? What tools are great for aspiring garden enthusiasts who are just establishing out? What are the basic rules you need to know when you’re establishing a garden? What plants and flowers are great for novices and won’t die from one day of unintended neglect? What equipment and growing plants practices are rookie-friendly and won’t get you in an unwanted accident? Here are a few tips from finest for hopeful gardeners and florists to finally get established on their dream garden.

If you are interested in a formal course or want to get certified as a professional on all things about gardening, we endorse looking into expert bodies and colleges in gardening and floristry such as the American Institute of Floral Designers of the AIFD (www.aifd.org), the National Gardening Organization (www.garden.org), the American Floral Endowment (www.endowment.org) the American Horticultural Society (www.ahsgardening.org) and other similar companies offering programs specializing in floristry and horticulture.


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Art & Science of Growing Plants

The entire concept of growing plants and plant care has been around since early times, and while we’re a long way from basic and bare-minimum garden maintenance, it’s still important to know how horticulture came to be and the standard practices for the modern garden.

Horticulture started off mostly for practical reasons, where people quite literally grew their meals from their gardens, sticking mostly to herbs, vegetables and fruits to sustain themselves. Later on, people started off using horticulture as artistic expressions through the beauty of nature, sometimes acting as a status symbol for class and national pride. Further through history, horticulture and floristry both made their way into the market as consumer-friendly flowers and herbs for cooks, supermarkets, and medical health experts, among a wide range of fields and practices.

Today, gardening is used for all sorts of purposes, including a fun hobby to get into for people like you who want to learn a new skill or get a bit more in touch with nature. Whatever your reason for taking an interest in gardening, here are tips on professionals in the industry on how to establish your own garden from the ground up.



Best Flowers & Plants To Begin With

What kinds of flowers and plants are the best to establish off when you’re a novice? What kind of blooms and herbs are rookie-friendly and won’t unintentionally die if you forget to water them for a day or two? Here is a short list of flowers, herbs, and vegetables endorsed by experts for newbies in the horticulture world. Because of their versatile soil compatibility, these kinds of plants are the best for rookies and their starter gardens. Choose a few of these plants and begin your journey as a garden enthusiast!


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These gorgeous blooms are easy to handle and care for, from the time their seeds are planted into soil until they blossom into delightful, textured flowers that give life to your front lawn and back garden. With these gorgeous plants growing in your personal garden, you can shower your home with the nature of beauty without worrying about thorough care and upkeep that other plants necessitate of you.








Morning Glories




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The theory of growing your own vegetables in your yard isn’t a new one, as we know, and up until today, people still make a hobby out of it, or even a way to sustain their daily meals. Here is a short list of herbs and vegetable seeds that are perfect for amateurs in growing plants and want to test out the waters before plunging into growing a dedicated field of vegetables in your yard and harvest them to cook for a snack or an evening meal. Take your pick from these rookie-friendly plants and start off your own herb and vegetable garden!


Cherry Tomatoes




Summer Squash



Green beans



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Top Proposed Tools, Supplies, and Gadgets

When you ask people about what things you need to get started off on your very own garden, they will probably have the fundamentals down, from the shovel, digger, pruner, gloves, water can and fertilizer spray bottle, but what about when you talk to experienced experts on gardening? Here is a compilation of the must-have materials and tools for anyone looking to start growing a garden in their yard. From handheld equipments to protective tools, here is a beginner pack of horticulture must-haves for the rookie gardener.

Hand Trucks



Hand Shovel

Industrial Shovel


Soil Cultivator

Soil Knife


Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer




Thick Gardening Gloves

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