Renewing Your Patio, Backyard, Balcony and Porch: How to Reinvent Your Home Inside and Out

Revamping your backyard and front lawn can be an overwhelming task. From the planning stage to the execution stage, it can get really exhausting really quick, especially if you have no idea how to start and how to do it. But don’t worry, with this helpful guide, you can get some of the best advice and ideas from [city]’s finest florists and gardeners on the best furniture, styles and designs for renovating your backyard and front lawn.

In this blog post, we give you a rundown of helpful tips and basic guidelines for transforming your home from the backyard to the porch. From the greatest styles and furniture for your outdoors area to the highest quality woods and models for your chairs, tables and boarding, this article will really help you choose the great furniture and styles for your own backyard. In addition, we’ve compiled a list of recommended themes to redo your house from experts of flowers and gardens. Whether it’s your backyard, patio, balcony or porch, you can renovate your home from the inside out. Enjoy your outdoors living experience to the fullest!

If you would like a formal course or would like to get certified as a pro on all things about gardening, we recommend checking out professional bodies and colleges in gardening and floristry including the American Institute of Floral Designers of the AIFD (, the National Gardening Organization (, the American Floral Endowment (, the American Horticultural Society ( and other similar business offering courses focusing on floristry and horticulture.


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Best Styles & Furniture for Your Outdoors

It goes without saying that before you go shopping for outdoor furniture, you have to remember what you’re going to use the space for. Then you’re going to need to decide on the ideal kinds of chairs, tables, umbrellas, and any other furniture you might need.

If you have a pool or are planning to build one, you’re going to want to consider chaises and daybeds, and if you’re not too fond of the sun’s rays, you should invest in a patio umbrella or install a retractable cover overhead. If you and your family are fond of hosting BBQ parties or cookouts, you should take a look at outdoor dining sets and heavy-duty grills and tables to hold all the food and tools. If you want to build a playground for your children, you could include dark-toned wooden chairs to match your lawn and hedges.

However you would like to utilize your outdoor space, we can help you select the best furniture and specific materials to style your yard. Have a look at our short guide and comparison of different building materials for furniture for your outdoors living space and create the patio, backyard, porch or balcony you’ve always wanted!


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A trusted classic, wicker never fails to give a comfortable, homey look to your outdoor area, and paired with a soft pillow, wicker chairs are great for reading nooks and lounge areas in your balcony and backyard.


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Metal or Aluminum

Commonly decided on for their lightweight and long lasting material, aluminum-type furniture is ideal for those who need furniture that will hold up against any sort of weather all year long, coming in a variety of finishes to suit your landscape.

Steel, however, is even more heavy duty than aluminum but isn’t as heavy as iron, making it ideal for modern or minimalist styles. Finally, iron is the toughest type of metal available for furniture and is rust-resistant, so it would need occasional paint touch-ups.

People typically place cushions on metal chairs and benches, giving a smooth, elegant look that won’t demand too much maintenance.


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This type of material has been continuously gaining popularity for both indoors and outdoors furniture pieces for its rustic quality and touch of nature’s beauty. This means, naturally, that its homeowners need to make sure their wood furniture is properly taken care of especially in harsh weather.


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If you like to readjust your patio and front porch furniture every so often, then plastic material is the best for you. Lightweight and long lasting like aluminum, plastic furniture is easy to look after and won’t need much upkeep.


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Finest Woods for Outdoor Furniture

Here is a list of the best sorts of wood for your outdoor furniture, regardless of whether it’s in your backyard, patio, porch, or your balcony. Although this list is mostly for the flooring in your porch or patio, the comparison between pressure-treated wood, composite and PVC is very helpful for selecting your chairs and tables at the same time, especially if you’re going to have it outside all around the year. Enjoy only the finest woods for the greatest outdoor living experience!


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Pressure-Treated, Composite or PVC?

A number of things you need to bear in mind when choosing among the three is what you need from the material – do you want something that brings you more room to select a design, something that gives you the best value for your money, or something that offers a balance of both? Don’t be hesitant to mix and match to fit your design as many people do. Metallic bars and railings are also usually combined with wood to make a polished, elegant finish with a touch of nature’s beauty.

For pressure-treated wood, you get the most authentic wood planks and designs at the lowest prices, but you have to take more care with staining, waterproofing and guarding them from pests and splinters. Composite, on the other hand, is a famous substitute to wood since its combination of wood and plastic turns it invulnerable to termites, decay, and warping and cracking. Lastly, PVC can get really heavy on the costs since it’s all plastic and gives the most defense from the elements and splintering.


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Recommended Designs to Revamp Your Home

Got all the materials and supplies you need to get but don’t know the best way to put them all together? No worries! We got a number of tips from [city]’s specialists on picking the best styles for your outdoors area, and here’s a short compilation of their recommended designs to renovate your home!


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